Read what our resident owners wrote about our Gramercy at our 10th anniversary celebration:

Ron and I moved in 8 years ago. I believe God brought us to the right place at the right time. I am thankful for my Gramercy Family!                        Audrey

We have lived here happily for 3 wonderful years. We love it here and there is no better place to live.   Jim & Sharon

We came to Gramercy Dec. 2005. There have been many positive experiences. This is a lovely family we’ve become a part of!   Arnie & Elma

We were blessed from the first day we moved in. The “family” we have here is so precious to us. It’s a beautiful home with many happy memories     Les & Sharon

Moving to Gramercy 10 years ago was the best thing I have done. We are all a loving, caring family and I am so fortunate to live here.   Laurian

I moved into Gramercy when it first opened. The number of residents was small, but committees were formed and activities set up. Each new resident got involved and had new ideas. Gramercy is my home and I love it.   Geri

I moved in Dec. 2005. It is an award winning senior condo – it has been a wonderful 10 years!   Norma

November 30, 2005 we moved to the Gramercy. We have enjoyed the people and all the activities. The Gramercy is a caring place to live and we are glad to call the Gramercy our home. Rich and Caroline

Ten years ago we chose Gramercy for our new home – a choice we’ve never regretted. Today we can say we bought a home, but we gained a new family. Thanks everyone! Roger and Sylvia

Gramercy has always been a welcoming community to me. I feel fortunate to have chosen it as my retirement home! And, to be surrounded by so many special people. Also the Holiday Season decorations are a special memory to me.   Jim

We moved in Dec. 6th 2005. The time has gone so fast. We have enjoyed every minute that we have been here. Have met some wonderful people. Made great memories, with more to come.   Don and Donna

Moved to Minnesota to be near family and gained a whole new “Gramercy family”.So happy to be here. Marie

So much good – People, facility, the parties, steak frys, coffees, etc. How lucky can we get, Bill and Sally

Home is where the heart is … a place where people share and understand each other. Home is Gramercy!   Nancy N

These 10 years have gone by so rapidly. They have been years of making lasting friendships and of many fun experiences. This has truly become “our home” … a home filled with love and joy. And may God “bless us all”.   John and Kay

Gramercy – My home sweet home. Thank you for being the place I come home to. Deb














What do our residents say about their home. Read on to see.

“My friends have all asked me how I like my new home. My standard reply is always, ‘I just love it’. When they come to visit me and see it, they understand why. They comment on how beautiful the building and decorating is and how lovely the grounds are and all the amenities. ….. When I first started looking for a place to move to, I looked at town homes, condos and coops, but I always kept going back to look at Gramercy. I knew that was the place for me….. This is a wonderful community. All the people in our building are wonderful, friendly, caring people. …. I love living in the Burnhaven Gramercy.”         Lauriann

“We were not anticipating moving for 5 to 10 years from the home we built in Eagan. Les saw an article in the local paper concerning a new Gramercy to be built in Burnsville and that it would include a workshop. The idea of having full ownership in our unit was very intriguing. Several amenities, including the workshop, an indoor pool, heated garage and car wash and maintenance free-living were very appealing. Having a secure building and mail drop were also important…..After moving in we have acquired a large circle of close friends through the many social events including Wednesday Morning Coffee and Friday Happy Hour.  It is so nice to have friends in our age group and with some of the same interests.  We know we have a wonderful support system. It is hard to believe that the Gramercy has been our home for almost nine years.  In that time we have celebrated several anniversaries, birthdays, even two weddings of residents.  Our Social & Kitchen Committee has organized many steak fries, holiday parties and other events.  We consider residents here “Family.”  Les & Sharon

“We lived in the same neighborhood for over 40 years. We do not miss that big house or yard one bit. We still visit with the neighbors. We love everything about our new home from the screened in deck to the laundry room. We have met very nice people through the social activities. It is wonderful to be able to go play cards and not have to worry about the weather! The water aerobics and fitness center are also wonderful.”  Don & Donna

“I shopped for several years at different senior housing….and Gramercy always remained on top of list. The Gramercy staff and all personnel are #1 on my list …. They do everything first class and to your satisfaction. I loved my house and lived in it 42 years in AV and have never missed it since I moved here. Security, floor plan, social functions and you can be as involved as you want  to be. All the people are just like friends you’ve known for a long time. It’s great! I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but at Gramercy Burnhaven.”     Norma

“The Gramercy Club at Burnhaven has met my expectations of why Kaye and I moved here. Living is easy and I can be as social as I want to be. There are many opportunities to meet and interface with other residents. Many events sponsored and put on by residents instill a neighborhood environment within the same building….. The common areas, including the swimming pool, exercise room and virtual golf, eliminate the need to have them as part of your home. Finally, it’s great in the winter time to enter the elevator and go into a warm, non-frosted-up car. The Gramercy management here is top-notch.”   John & Kaye

“Gramercy is more than a place to live for me. It is a community of family and friends.  I moved in when the building first opened and have enjoyed every moment.  We have many active committees so it is easy to get involved.  We have a wide variety of activities to participate in if your choose to do so.  We have weekly coffee, lunches, dinners, cards, book club, crafts, day trips, activities in our heated pool and so much more.  The security of the building and the underground heated garage are also important to me.”    Geri

“When we finally arrived at 15001 Burnhaven Drive we vowed we would like it here because we would never move again. That decision in December 2005 has been reinforced many times and in many ways. Each time we attend Coffee Hour, Happy Hour, or other get-togethers we meet people from different walks of life and different talents, but with the same objective, to enjoy life at the Gramercy. There is always someone willing to chat, play cards or share ideas. One memorable moment came shortly after we moved into our new home when we were inundated with the first snow storm of the season. We looked out and enjoyed the beauty of it knowing all the negative aspects such as clearing the driveway and sidewalks would be taken care of.  As we near the end of our 9th year at Gramercy, we feel so fortunate to have made the choice to live here.”


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